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by Shade

 Have Your Cake and Chop It Too!
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ChopCakes began as a concept in the mind of an enthusiastic young baker back in 2011. Frequent baking for friends and relatives led to a developed desire to improve on taste and presentation. The joyful reception from these recipients ignited the vision to bring about a service to the public that was exceptional and outstanding. 

In pursuit of this goal ideas were developed and further recipes and designs were sought after that symbolized our take on excellence and individuality. Hence the appeal of the presentation of cakes that had been created and sent to friends for special occasions stood out in recollections. Accounts of the feelings of surprise, joy, delight and of how valued receiving such a thoughtful gift made friends feel were reflected upon. So formed the basis and birthing of this company. 
Baked goods are enjoyed by many on a personal basis and are also a key feature at various celebrations and gatherings. There is an intense desire to provide the means for individuals to indulge their appetites with these sweet treats.
By providing this service, it is believed that we can provide great tasting goods for any occasion that will be enjoyed by all whom take delight in these.
They say you can't have your cake and eat it too but here we believe you can have your cake and chop it too!

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 Freshly baked cupcakes, layer cakes, cheesecakes and more, made to order for delivery or local collection.